Take - Away

from our St Leonards Store

shop 3/1376 Murradoc Rd, St Leonards, VIC

Granola : Natural yogurt w our Cinnamon & Honey Granola or Coconut & Cranberry Granola |gf| $7

Toast : Toasted sourdough w butter & Raspberry Jam, Marmalade, Crunchy Peanut Butter or Roasted Almond Butter $7 v | gf +$2 |ve option 

Vinefruit Toast : Toasted fruit sourdough w butter & our Marmalade $9 v | gf +$2 |ve option available.
Egg & Bacon Roll : Pan-fried free range egg w maple smoked free range bacon on a toasted  bun with our Tomato Sauce $11 |gf +$2|   

Breakfast Roll : Pan-fried free range egg w wilted baby spinach, Sesame & Coriander Dukkah, vintage cheddar on a toasted  bun with Bbq Sauce  $11 v|gf +$2| 

Toastie : Free range ham & vintage cheddar on toasted sourdough w Tomato Relish  $10 |gf +$2|v & ve option available

Gozleme : Toasted flatbread filled w Saharan Harissa marinated fetta, baby spinach, Sesame & Coriander Dukkah w dressed leaves & Beetroot Relish |v|  $14

Tuna Melt : Tuna with fresh parsley, lemon & mayo, Chilli Jam, vintage cheddar & baby spinach toasted in a ciabatta $12

Bratwurst : Free range smoked Bratwurst, slaw, Spanish Onion Marmalade, vintage cheddar in a seeded Turkish ciabatta  |gf +$2|  $14

Jaffles : Puff Pastry filled with one of the following & served with dressed leaves  $14    

      SPANISH CHICKEN... Free range chicken & chorizo, mushroom & Spanish Style, or

      SPICED BAKED BEANS... Slow cooked w maple syrup & Smoky  Pomodoro Rub     v | ve option 


      BBQ PORK... Slow cooked free range pork, vegetables, our BBQ Sauce & Vietnamese Jungle Salt    

Wild Soup: Served with sourdough toast $10

Wild Bowl Lemon, Parsley & Shallot Infused Organic Quinoa, slaw, mayo, crispy shallots, pickled ginger & Vietnamese Jungle Salt gf|ve $14


v VEGETARIAN | ve VEGAN| gf GLUTEN FREE option please ask|

Please be aware that our kitchen contains ALLERGENS 
- Soy, Wheat, Dairy, Seafood, Nuts, Seeds, Eggs -


Please advise our staff if you have specific dietary requirements.


All items on our menu in orange text are made by us & available for tasting 
& sale instore, online or from one of our many retailers.


Coffee : any way you like it Shorebreak Blend from Ocean Grind, Torquay

Hot Chocolate  : Exquisite Milk|Noir|White from Grounded Pleasures, Soldiers Hill

Seven Spiced Chai : Grounded Pleasures, Soldiers Hill

Tea : black/white : English Breakfast|Earl Grey|Peppermint|Green|Lemongrass, Lime & Ginger |Camomile

little |8oz| $4 or  BIG |12oz| $4.70
We use Inglenook Dairy from Dunnstown in Western Victoria
Alternative milks .. |Bonsoy +50c|Almo +$1|Lactose Free +50c|

Bubbachino : Frothy Inglenook Dairy milk w marshmallows, chocolate & sprinkles $3
Iced : Coffee|Chai|Chocolate|Choc Honeycomb|Tea |12oz|  $6

Cool Drinks : Orange Juice |Organic Juices |Fizzies | Sparkling Mineral Water  $4
Remedy Kombucha & Switchel : many delicious flavours $5

Water : Emma & Tom’s ‘Look After Others’ Spring Water $2
                -Supporting disadvantaged young people & education-


All our food & drinks are served in & on Biopak packaging that is all compostable.